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The Philadelphia Experiment Legacy Continues...

By Bill Knell

It came as no surprise that after I introduced some of the survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project to the world through my DVD, The Truth About The Philadelphia Experiment, authorities in charge of the Montauk Base clamped down on uninvited visitors. The clamp got even tighter as I added the subject of what had allegedly happened there to my seminar. That seminar brought the story of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project to tens of thousands of people throughout North America via my live seminars, and to thousands more on video.

The clamp down on already restricted public access to the property was justified by local authorities who claimed that visiting the old base was dangerous. They expressed concern that people might be injured trying to gain access to abandoned buildings or lost in unmapped underground areas. So why leave what they claim is an abandoned base intact in the first place? Why not go in with bulldozers, explosives and clear the entire area?

Since New York State claims they now own the property, why not clear it and sell the much-desired beachfront land for a zillion dollars a square foot to solve all the state budget problems? To put the value of the property into perspective, the sale of all that beachfront land could probably pay for most of the Homeland Security budget for the entire eastern part of the United States for the next ten years! But it remains unsold, just as many of the buildings and underground areas remain intact. Why?

Camp Hero is actual designation of what we call the Montauk Base that lies at the far eastern end of Long Island. Although itís just south of the historic Montauk Lighthouse, most people have no idea this facility even exists. Records are sketchy and mostly unavailable on the property, but itís been owned by or under U.S. Government influence for almost two hundred years. Once considered strategically important, the base was supposedly closed and abandoned in 1966. Once used as an observation area, fort, shore battery installation and radar facility, the continued use of the property by the federal government was considered unnecessary after another facility took over radar monitoring responsibilities needed for NORAD. At that point it is claimed that the property was turned over to New York State, which has since developed it into park land.

The federal government still uses at least a portion of the property in the form of a small patch of antennas on a tiny hill that is easily visible near the old main entrance to the base. Those antennas are used as part of the U.S. Coast Guard communication system and have been for years. Despite the fact that they could have easily been moved elsewhere to a higher and better location at any time, allowing the antennas to remain there gives the federal government a measure of control over the property.

I had visited the base on several occasions well before it was developed into a park and while the underground areas were still open. I, spent a considerable amount of time there and that was no easy task. Men dressed as fisherman regularly walked the perimeter to be sure that no one strolling along the beach or near the lighthouse wandered on to the property. Although they never seemed to have any fishing gear or poles, these tall and tough fisherman warned off potential visitors to the base by reminding them the property was closed to the general public.

Each time I visited the base it was on a major holiday. I knew there would be few, if any, actual security people on the periphery of the facility. Once inside, I would just have to be extremely careful. On a related note, a four wheel drive vehicle frantically drove around the base roads after I noticed a surveillance camera staring me in the face at one of the buildings during my first visit. Fortunately, I evaded capture.

I visited the Montauk base seeking to verify two incredible stories. According to witnesses interviewed on my Philadelphia Experiment video (which also covers the Montauk Project thoroughly), the base was used as a continuation for government experiments involving time travel and mind control technology first discovered during the initial endeavor in the 1940s. The huge radar tower was said to be the instrument that directed waves of mind altering signals out for miles and into towns that surround the base.

Despite the fact that the radar dish wasnít supposed to have been used since the 1960s, I found it in remarkably good condition. The electricity in the tall radar building was on and the restroom was useable. Although the large motors that moved the dish had been disconnected from it and removed, the dish was allowed to sway in the wind to keep it from collapsing. The technology being used for the alleged mind control signal may have been omni-directional, not requiring the specific movement of the huge dish to a certain bearing. Large numbers of modern looking wires ran from tubes coming from underground into the building and vanished inside its walls.

Although some of the old base houses lie in ruin, many of the offices looked as though they had recently been used. A few had working phones! Although many of the buildings looked to be in a sad state of maintenance from the outside, many were in perfect condition inside. Some had lights on and seem to have been altered for other uses. The inside of the chapel contained a modern gymnasium. An old PX seemed to have become some sort of a kitchen with hundreds of metal food trays neatly stacked on racks. Other buildings had new fences erected around them and very modern security cameras almost hidden from view were placed in trees, on rooftops and along walkways. I went during a chilly time of year and heat flowed through an external system that ran to every building. But the biggest surprise of all waited for me in the underground area.

Despite the fact that the base was never occupied by more then sixty or seventy people during any of itís incarnations, a trip into the underground area revealed hundreds of wooden racks (bunk beds) inside a large maze of what seemed like fenced in and locked areas. It looked like a base brig (prison), but why so many sleeping areas? The answer might just lie in what the Montauk survivors had claimed. They say that hundreds of people were brought there, against their will, to be part of whatever went on underground. The proof of this seems to be found in the hundreds of sleeping areas and converted PX building where meals for that many people could be prepared and delivered to the underground as needed.

Another story involving the base was that a large beast had appeared as a result of underground experiments, gotten loose and caused extensive damage above ground. After that, some of the experiments were shut down and the infamous time travel chair removed. I did find some buildings which looked as though they had been attacked and partially destroyed by something big and powerful. Huge holes made it look as if something had punched its way out of the underground tunnels. The remaining tunnels and underground areas were sealed and cemented off where the chair may have been.

I felt as though I was walking through a ghost town where the residents had simply vanished or moved underground, but could return at any time to use buildings ready for them. The Montauk survivors believed that the project, in one form or another, was still going on there. While walking on certain parts of the base, I felt a steady thumping under my feet. Given the fact that I had sneakers on and saw no evidence of above ground construction or a source for the strange vibration, this was more then a little disconcerting! Stooping down to feel the ground with my hands, the thumping was more pronounced. I believe that they might have been building new or repairing old underground areas.

I visited the Montauk Base with neutral thoughts, neither believing or disbelieving the incredible claims made about the facility by those who say they survived horrifying ordeals there. My concern was finding evidence to support or refute the claims being made. What I found was a base that seemed abandoned, but also very active. The physical condition of what I examined more then supported at least the background fabric of the stories I was told.

If you go to the base today, all the old accesses to the underground areas have been tightly sealed. However, there is still access to caves along the beach area once used by bootleggers during prohibition to smuggle in illegal booze from offshore boats. Many of these caves connect to tunnels built by Nicola Tesla for experiments with electricity many years ago. These tunnels are separate and apart from the others used for access to the shore batteries and old fort. It would be easy to use these resources to construct a new and even larger underground area for continued experimentation. Why there? Maybe itís some sort of a vortex? I donít know and cannot say. What I do know and now believe is that at least part of the truth about what the U.S. Government knows or has developed as a result of the Philadelphia Experiment and captured alien hardware is likely buried under what is now New York State Park land.

The Montauk Survivors: Their Stories and Struggles

Meet the Survivors of the Montauk Project: Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow.

Discover how Al and Duncan managed to live two lives thanks to the Philadelphia Experiment technologies. Join these survivors for an indepth look at their family histories through photos and documents.

Preston Nichols shares his amazing knowledge of the technology associated with the Montauk Project. Enjoy a detailed explanation of the technology and get the full story of his own experiences on the base.

Stewart Swerdlow (a gifted Clairvoyant) takes you on a journey through his life. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments known as the Montauk Project. Because he refused to break his association with Preston, Stewart was incarcerated by the government. Stewart used his mental abilities to overcome the negative influence surrounding him and ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation-an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings. Hear about the incredible experiences he has lived and learn how to open locked DNA sequences and change your life.

The Montauk Project Technologies

Imagine what it would be like to be able to create a fleet of invisible ships and planes. Or an army of invisible soldiers or special operatives. Now imagine being able to program the soldiers and operatives to do whatever you wanted them to do and then send through through space and time. That concept isn't science fiction, it's science fact.

Here's your chance to learn about how the Montauk Project technologies really work and discover why they should not be used. You'll be given amazing examples of what the government is doing with these technologies (like the invisible security agents that guard the President and others) and how they may have already changed the lives of millions.

Time Travel: Possibilities and Pitfalls

Dr. Daniel Anderson of the Time Travel Research Center provides an entertaining and extremely informative documentary-style presentation about Time Travel. This tutorial reveals how time travel is possible and explores the closely-guarded secrets that government scientists refuse to reveal. So powerful is Dr Anderson's information that he had to go into seclusion to protect his own life.

The Phil Schneider Connection

Phil Schneider is a geologist and underground construction expert. He's also a man who spent seventeen years working on government black projects. With a level 1 security clearance (Rhyolite 38), Phil worked at Area 51, S-4 and Los Alamos. He is one of only three survivors from the infamous Alien/Human war at Dulce, New Mexico and the Los Alamos underground areas in August of 1979. Over sixty government workers and agents were killed during those confrontations.

After thirteen attempts on his life, Phil Schneider was found dead in his Wilsonville, Oregon apartment on January 17, 1996. He had apparently been dead for several days and reportedly had a rubber hose wrapped three times around his neck. Officially, suicide is now stated as the cause of death.

The medical examiner took blood and urine samples at the autopsy but refused to analyze them, saying that the Clackamas County Coroner's Office would not "waste their money on a suicide". Samples were kept for twelve months. When interested parties asked for these samples to be sent to an independent lab eleven months later, they were "missing" and presumed "destroyed".

Schneider had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion in his shoulders. It was physically impossible for him to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing fingers and then wrap the hose three times around his own neck with shoulders that had limited motion. In order to end up where his body was, he would have to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck, slowly and painfully strangle himself to death and fall head first into a wheel chair. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He had multiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly and painlessly. He also had a 9 mm gun that he had borrowed to protect himself and could have ended his life with one shot.

Phil's connection to the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project is an important one. Philip's parents were Oscar and Sally Schneider. Captain Otto Oscar Schneider was a captured Nazi U-boat commander who was then repatriated into US Naval Intelligence. In that position, Captain Schneider was directly involved with the Philadelphia Experiment. During sea trials he discovered alien implants in the bodies of participants of the Philadelphia Experiment.

No information about the Montauk project can be complete without the information offered by the late Phil Schneider. This amazing compilation of that information is essential to the subject. It will likely be one of the high points of the DVD Set for most viewers.

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The Survivors of Philadelphia and Montauk

Al Bielek has lead a life most would not choose to live. While many would think that time travel, meeting aliens, and working on secret projects are exciting ventures, Al paid a big price for the privilege. Because those who set the agenda wish to keep their activities secret, Al was robbed of his family, his memories, and ultimately, his identity. They used advanced technologies to erase what was dear to him. However, their technologies are not perfect. Slowly, the memories came back. Al started meeting others who had been through the same process. Ultimately, a flood of memories returned. Many will question why Al hasn't been silenced. We deal with that subject during some of the audio interviews. Perhaps, those who set the agenda are allowing brief glimpses of the truth to emerge.

Preston Nichols, was born in Long Island, New York, in 1946. He received degrees in Parapsychology, Psychology, and Electrical Engineering. After graduating, he went into Defense Electronics and wound up working at Brookhaven and AIL. In 1968, Preston's involvement with Montauk began. He got involved with the tail end of stealth research at AIL. Preston was told that the research started right after the Philadelphia Experiment. He actually read the final report of Project Rainbow - which we know as the Philadelphia Experiment. The report named the Cameron brothers as being the Navy liaison in the experiment. Next, he got pulled into the mind sciences project at Montauk. They were working on interfacing a person's mind to the computer. Preston worked with Al Bielek on the psychic aspects of the Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys program. Preston trained the Montauk Boys to be "PSI Warriors". The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person's thoughts. A psychic would lay in the chair, go into a trance, and a group of coils pick the emanations. A bank of radio receivers designed by Tesla would pick up and digitize the thought. Turning thought into computer code. The radar tower was used to turn thought into reality. This chair was used for many purposes. One was to open up a vortex for time travel. Many Montauk boys were lost during the initial testing of the time vortex.

Duncan Cameron is one of the central figure in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project saga. According to Al Bielek, Duncan was his brother (when Al was Ed Cameron) who jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943 and landed into the future. When they wound up in 1983 at Montauk, both were sent back to the USS Eldridge to destroy the equipment that was keeping the ship in hyperspace. Al Bielek says that before the USS Eldridge rematerialized, Duncan jumped back off the ship and returned back to 1983. He was used extensively as a psychic in the Montauk project. He became one of the principal psychics who manned the Montauk Chair. The chain was used to create and hold the frequency required to perform the time travel and mind control activities.

The Montauk program was brought to an abrupt halt when "Jr." (left, below Duncan), the Bigfoot monster was brought into form (via Duncan) and proceed to wreck the base. Duncan is in the process of slowly recovering his memories. He recalls being on the USS Eldridge and now accepts that Al was his brother. The process of remembering has been difficult for him, because it goes against his true nature. Hopefully, in time, we will all get the true story of what really happened at Montauk.